ONE TWO Boxing


Workout And Classes

What is ONE TWO Boxing?

High energy, boxing inspired, fitness classes!

You’ll sweat and punch your way through different combinations and exercises on your own low impact, water-filled boxing bag.

You’ll get the benefits and vibe of group training in a totally immersive and a non-intimidating environment.

Is boxing good for improving body composition?

Yes! Boxers are known for getting their body into SUPREME condition. 

Combining our boxing and resistance program with our nutrition blueprint, you can get incredible results from the inside out.

I’ve never done boxing before.

No experience is needed! Our sessions start with a “pre-class” which is where you’ll learn  stance, guard and how to punch.

Our punches are displayed as numbers on digital screens during the class, making it easy to understand. 

1 is the jab, 2 is the cross, 3 is the front hook and so on.

Wraps and Gloves

ONE TWO Quick wraps are available for your first class at $14.95 and is available in our FIRST TIME single visit option.

Gloves are provided but you can also purchase your own in studio.

If you do not purchase wraps, cotton inners will be available.

How do classes work?

Classes are broken up into three parts:

Pre-class (learn to box)

Boxing rounds

Resistance rounds

We start with pre class which consists of 4-5 mins of shadow boxing and learning how to box.

We then move into our boxing rounds where you'll learn the sweet science of boxing with our motivated boxing instructors.

After boxing, we then hit our resistance rounds. At your own pace, you’ll work your way through our boxer resistance work, which is suitable for ALL LEVELS.

Are there beginner or advanced classes?

Our classes suit all levels. If you’ve got hands, ONE TWO has you covered.

Minimum Age Requirement

We require all members of ONE TWO to be 16 years and above. Our workout is high intensity and requires a certain level of application throughout, we therefore don't allow patrons under 16 years.

How long are classes?

45 minutes!

Do I need to be at a certain fitness level?

ONE TWO is for everyone. You work at your own pace!

Do I need to bring anything?

Yourself, a towel and water bottle.

Wraps are purchased for your first time at $14.95. Gloves are complimentary or you can purchase your own in studio.

You are also welcome to bring your own gear.

How many calories does a ONE TWO class burn?

Up to 800 calories per 45 minute class

Is there physical contact?

Nope! It’s just you and your bag.

Membership and bookings

I want to train but I am not a member

We have single class passes and 10 packs available. 10 packs are really popular for the member who wants to do boxing classes just once per week.

What Do I Bring?

If you have your own gloves or wraps, you can bring them. Covid19 means we need towels, so please bring your own. And of course, water!

Lockers are available for valuables.

Gloves or Wraps?

Quick wraps are $14.95.

ONE TWO Quick wraps are recommended as they are the best for your hands. 

If you don’t want to purchase quick wraps, we have house wraps for you to borrow for your class.

Fresh gloves are provided. You can also purchase your own in the studio.

Cancelling Classes/No Shows

If you cannot make class, we have an early cancellation window which you can cancel 1.5 hours outside of class time. However, if you cancel within this 1.5 hour window you will be charged $10.

If you are a no show to classes you will be charged $10.

Running Late

If you are running late, no stress! We allow members to arrive at your boxing bag at any time. 

If you happen to be running late for your first time, head into class and find a free bag. Our trainer will attend to you straight away with wraps/inners and get you started. If you do miss the warm up, our trainer will do their best to get your punches sorted.

It is highly recommended you don’t miss the warm up for your first time.

Arrivals/First Time

Arrive 10 mins early to class. Check in your name at our check-in station located at the front of the studio. See sign boards if you get stuck. Once checked in, feel free to use our lockers for your valuables. Our trainer will attend to you on arrival to get your wraps/inners/gloves sorted.

The trainer will call up class 5 mins before class start time. Once the door opens, find a bag and wait for class to start.


We have membership options to suit your goals and lifestyle. Our most popular is our HOOKED unlimited classes membership - giving you unlimited bookings on our timetable (1 class per day). We also have 10 packs and single class pass options if you want to drop in once a week!

How to Book Classes

You book your class online via our website or app. Whether it be an unlimited membership option or a single class pass.