ONE TWO Boxing

The Workout


The ONE TWO workouts mimic how a boxer trains day to day. But you could say we’re the fitness friendly version of boxing. We will teach you stance, punches and combinations and do it in style… and the best bit is, it’s just you and your bag.


Our resistance programs have been designed to be low impact but deliver maximum results. We have added the exercises a boxer uses, included the modern day HIT and have created the ultimate resistance formula.


Boxing is one of the best cardiovascular and total body workouts, and not only does boxing improve body composition, it builds confidence, resilience and can improve overall wellbeing. The results will come from the inside out and that to us is what’s most important

The ultimate
total body workout

30 and 45 minute classes for all levels of fitness!


Core, abs and more abs! This workout has been designed to activate and tone your stomach, just like a boxer.

You haven’t done an ab workout properly if it's not been built by boxers.


This is the ultimate high calorie burning, body toning workout!

With a mixture of abs, upper and lower body, you will sweat your way through our most loved workout.


Pull, push, and press your way through our upper body workout designed to tighten and tone your arms, chest and back.

Using resistance straps, bands and dumbbells, it’s the perfect balance of endurance and strength.


Lunge, squat and jump your way through a strength and HIT-based lower body workout.

Using dumbbells, resistance straps and booty bands, experience a leg session like you’ve never done before.